Theme: Simple Things
News: Approaching 100M Users. Current versions. Skype-In Australia. Ring tones. Skyps is buying VoIP start-ups. China Cenrorship compliance - just message filters, no reports to authorities, voice is still encrypted.
Tips: Forgot your Skype-In number? Here is the answer:
Products: takes orders for SPH-101 due June-30. Yealink USB-B3G  USB DIVERTER FOR SKYPE. Sony released VN-CX1 Skype phone mouse in Japan. Skype on Treo from EQO.
Services: Online language training from China. Live Interpreter by 1TouchConnect.
Music (
Artist: Robin Tymm
Song: A Simple Plan
Genre: Acoustic
Thursday, April 27, 2006
SKP08 - Simple Things